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Youth Advocacy

What is Rural Youth Development?

The Rural Youth Development (RYD) program is designed to address the identified problem of
trauma exposure and the need for more adequate services to address the specific needs of children
exposed to trauma within the context of domestic violence. Domestic violence creates a violent and
hostile environment that can have devastating effects on children and cause them to live in constant
fear. Violence against women often go hand in hand with the maltreatment of children.

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

The greater number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) a person has, the more likely they are to experience poor health and life outcomes. Children who witness incidents of domestic violence (a form of childhood trauma) are at greater risk of serious adult health problems including but not limited to  obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression, substance abuse and tobacco use than peers who did not witness domestic violence. Exposure to domestic violence changes the way the brain develops in children which affects the way they think and learn. They may have difficulty paying attention and display signs of depression and withdrawal. Trauma takes away choice and control causing them to feel worthless and powerless. Unfortunately, children who witness or experience violence at home, are much more likely to perpetuate the cycle of abuse in their own relationships into adulthood. 


Supporting you every step of the way. Our advocates address the needs of children who witness or are victims of domestic and sexual violence. Evidence-based screening tools are used by the Child Advocates.

Trauma Screenings

Evidence-Based screening tools for children who have experienced potential traumatic events in life. This helps identify a child’s need for counseling and other services.

Parental Skill Building Interventions

Triple P - Parenting Classes: backed by hundreds of trials and studies, gives you proven parenting strategies to make life easier, calmer at home, and help your kids grow up to be happy, confident and successful.

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Clinical Interventions

- Mental Health Assessments

- Structured Shelter Activities

Support Group

It is well documented that support groups are helpful to people dealing with a broad range of life challenges, losses, and traumas. This is a place for children to be supported in the journey of finding hope and direction in the process.

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