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Men For Change

We are asking a 1000 men to donate $100. 

We know you are just the
MAN to help get the job done!

Donate Today!
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Safe Space, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, in Franklin County that provides supportive services to meet the needs of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In 2019-2020, over 1500 individuals, families, children, and community organizations were served by the organization.

Services provided by Safe Space include, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, community training and education, Hispanic services, parenting empowerment groups,  children’s programming to address childhood trauma, community prevention services for youth and adolescents, housing locations/placement, 24-hour shelter for victims of domestic and sexual violence, and a 24-hour crisis hotline. All services are free and confidential, and help people move from “Beyond Fear to Freedom”!
Safe Space’s intervention and prevention programs are just the beginning of the change men can help to create in the world.

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